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Paukstadt, U., Brosch, U. & Paukstadt, L. H. (2000): Preliminary Checklist of the Names of the Worldwide Genus Antheraea Hübner, 1819 ("1816") (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae). - Galathea - Berichte des Kreises Nürnberger Entomologen eV (Nürnberg), Suppl. 9: 59 pp.

Summary: In the following checklist all names are listed, which are presently known from literature for the worldwide genus Antheraea Hübner, 1819 ("1816") (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae). This contribution based on our studies on the genus Antheraea (wild oak silkmoths) with its subgenera Antheraea Hübner, 1819 ("1816"), Antheraeopsis Wood-Mason, 1886, and Telea Hübner, 1819 ("1816"). We have to point out that some important literature on the genus Antheraea is not present in our library thus far. Therefore further names from literature, pin-labels in museum collections, and manuscript names could be found in future. In this contribution all citations which were not based on primary literature are marked with an "asterix". Publication dates of Herrich-Schäffer (1850-1858) were selected from secondary literature due to missing wrappers in German libraries, cf. Fletcher in Nye (1979). A few names still might be cited in the wrong subgenus or in one of the temporary established species-group, or even might be still erroneously combined with the genus Antheraea. Our studies are not yet completed, final results are published in our monograph on the genus Antheraea.