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Paukstadt, U. & Paukstadt, L. H. (2000): Ein mutanter Aedoeagus bei Antheraea (Antheraea) imperator Watson, 1913 von Jawa, Indonesien (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae). - Galathea - Berichte des Kreises Nürnberger Entomologen eV (Nürnberg), Suppl. 8: pp. 63-64; 3 figs.

Summary: An abnormal aedeagus of Antheraea (Antheraea) imperator Watson, 1913 from Java, Indonesia (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae). - The following contribution deals with an interesting abnormality in the male genitalia structures of Antheraea (Antheraea) imperator Watson, 1913 from the island of Java, Indonesia (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae). Large series of male adults of the genus Antheraea Hübner, 1819 ("1816") of the helferi-group (sensu Nässig 1991) were dissected for comparisons of their genitalia structures. An unique abnormality was observed being present in A. imperator (genitalia slide U. Paukstadt no. 0863). The aedeagus was found with two well developed sclerotized caudal ends partly connected by the endophallus (vesica). Each caudal end bears the fully number of "teeth", which are characteristic for taxa in the helferi-group. One of the caudal ends was found to be left twisted and the other right twisted (view from the phallobase), while usually the caudal end is right twisted in other dissected specimens in the helferi-group (sensu Nässig 1991).