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Paukstadt, U. & Paukstadt, L. H. (2000): Beschreibung des unbekannten Weibchens von Antheraea (Antheraea) kelimutuensis U. Paukstadt, L. H. Paukstadt & Suhardjono, 1997 von Flores, Indonesien (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae). - Galathea - Berichte des Kreises Nürnberger Entomologen eV (Nürnberg), Suppl. 8: pp. 3-5; 2 col.-figs.

Summary: Description of the hitherto unknown female of Antheraea (Antheraea) kelimutuensis U. Paukstadt, L. H. Paukstadt & Suhardjono, 1997 (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae). - Thus far only two species of the subgenus Antheraea Hübner, 1819 ("1816") of the nominate genus are known to inhabit the island of Flores, eastern Lesser Sunda Islands, Nusa Tenggara Timur Province (NTT), Indonesia. Those are A. ranakaensis U. Paukstadt, L. H. Paukstadt & Suhardjono, 1997 and A. kelimutuensis U. Paukstadt, L. H. Paukstadt & Suhardjono, 1997 (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae). The female of A. ranakaensis is already known, cf. U. Paukstadt et al. (1997). In this contribution to knowledge of the Southeast Asian Saturniidae the hitherto unknown female of A. kelimutuensis is described and figured for the first time. A. kelimutuensis represents a taxon of the frithi-subgroup (sensu Nässig 1991) of the mylitta/frithi-group (sensu Paukstadt, Brosch & Paukstadt 1999). In May 2000 we received from local collectors two females, which came to light together with some male adults of A. kelimutuensis. Both females are clearly assigned to A. kelimutuensis due to their size and ground coloration.
Description of the female adult:
Length of forewing 83/95 mm (n = 2). Forewing ocelli oval with a large hyaline center. Hyaline center length 9.5/12 mm and breadth 8.5/9.5 mm. Hindwing ocelli in the smaller female round, hyaline center with a diameter of 5 mm and in the larger female oval, length 6.5 mm and breadth 5 mm. Antennae 12/13 mm long. Wings upperside ground coloration ochre, abdomen dorsally reddish brown as in the male. Antemedian line weak brownish black, median line brown, postmedian line weak gray, and submarginal line in the forewing reduced, in the hindwing mostly present, in the tornus with conspicuous black triangular spots with the tips facing towards the outer margin. Forewing ocellus connected with the costal margin by a black "eyelid" (black scales present on vein M1, termination cf. Peigler (1989)). Wings underside grayish ochre. Antemedian line soft brownish, median line conspicuous brown colored, postmedian line absent. Submarginal line in hindwings interrupted grayish or black.