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Paukstadt, U., Paukstadt, L. H. & Brosch, U. (2000): Anmerkungen zum taxonomischen Status von Brahmaea (Brahmophthalma) ardjoeno (Kalis, 1934) (stat. nov.) sowie zur geographischen Verbreitung der Taxa der hearseyi-Gruppe in Asien (Lepidoptera: Brahmaeidae). - Entomologische Zeitschrift (Stuttgart), 110 (1): pp. 5-9; 8 figs.

Summary: In this contribution to knowledge the Indonesian brahmaeid moths, the taxonomic status of Brahmaea (Brahmophthalma Mell in Seitz, 1928) ardjoeno (Kalis, 1934) (Lepidoptera: Brahmaeidae) and the distribution of the taxa of the hearseyi-group are discussed. The range of B. ardjoeno appears being limited to the island of Java. The taxon luchti Dupont, 1937 is considered being a junior synonym of ardjoeno. Due to significant differences in the morphology of the male genitalia B. ardjoeno is herewith separated from B. hearseyi White, 1862 and is elevated to species rank (stat. nov.). Specimens of B. hearseyi are recorded from Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Huangdong (P. R. China), and the Philippines. On the island of Sulawesi the third member of the hearseyi-group is present, which is B. celebica Toxopeus, 1939.