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Paukstadt, U., Naumann, S., Paukstadt, L. H. & Bouyer, T.(1995): Beschreibung des bisher unbekannten Weibchens von Samia peigleri Naumann & Nässig 1995 von Sulawesi, Indonesien (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae). - Entomologische Zeitschrift (Essen), 105 (24): pp. 485-487; 2 figs.

Summary: For the first time the unknown female of Samia peigleri Naumann & Nässig, 1995 (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) from the island of Sulawesi is described and figured. There are only two females known thus far, which were collected in the South Sulawesi Province, Puncak Palopo (northeastern border of the Torajaland), approximately 1300 m above sea level, in July 1995, and Palu Palu (northern border of the Torajaland), [altitude not given], in May 1995. In Puncak Palopo a single male adult of S. peigleri was found as well. Both locations presently are known being the southwesternmost distribution of S. peigleri on the island of Sulawesi thus far. The females show mostly the same distinctive features to other taxa of the same sex of this genus, which were already described for the male. Ground coloration of the wings reddish brown dorsally and pale brown ventrally, forewing apices conspicuously prominent and cornered, black eyespot in forewing apices extraordinarily large with a maximum diameter of seven millimeter, the fenestrae do not meet the postmedian line. The female of S. peigleri is well distinguished from Samia vandenberghi (Watson, 1915) (the taxonomic status remains to be determined), which is sympatrically and synchronously found in the same locations. The preimaginal instars of S. peigleri still remain to be studied.