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Paukstadt, U. (1993): Die Kleinen Sundainseln im Monsun - ein Reisebericht. - Entomologische Zeitschrift (Essen), 103 (10): pp. 169-180; 6 figs.

Summary: This contribution is particularly reporting on two entomological expeditions, which were carried out by the author to the Eastern Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia during the monsoon in the year 1992. An entomological travel report on a voyage to the same region, which was carried out during the dry season in the year 1991 (cf. Paukstadt & Paukstadt 1992) is herewith continued. The author did learn that not only travelling is difficult due to the poor conditions of streets, landslides and missing bridges, which were washed away by heavy rains. Also collecting of moths, if any, at light sources was not possible without any smaller or bigger problems during tropical rainfalls, severe gales, thunderstorms, extremely low temperatures less than 10 degree Centigrade and some minor earthquakes in the mountainous range of western Flores. Practical experiences which were affected during the voyage are discussed in detail.