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Paukstadt, U. & Paukstadt, L. H. (1991): Die heutige administrative Gliederung der Republik Indonesien mit Anmerkungen zu Geographie, Geologie, Klima, Biologie, Sprachen und Rechtschreibung - Hinweise für Entomologen. - Galathea - Berichte des Kreises Nürnberger Entomologen eV (Nürnberg), 7 (2): pp. 40-50.

Summary: This report on the Republic of Indonesia particularly deals with its geographical position, geological structure, its climatic and weather conditions, its phyto- and zoogeographical aspects, and administrative structure as well. Alterations and modifications of boundaries of several provinces and spelling of terms are described in detail. This informations might be useful for authors, travellers and entomologists as well.