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Paukstadt, U. & Probst, H. (1990): Eine Zucht von Coscinocera hercules (Miskin) aus Papua-Neuguinea (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae). - Entomologische Zeitschrift (Essen), 100 (22): pp. 413-426; 15 figs.

Summary: Some rearing observations on the ecology and biology of Coscinocera hercules Miskin (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) from Papua New Guinea (Morobe Province, Bulolo) are discussed. For the first time the pre-imaginal instars of a taxon of the genus Coscinocera are thoroughly described and figured. Length of the egg is 3.6 to 3.7 mm, width 2.9 mm and height 2.4 mm. The coloration of larvae is very variable within the Papua New Guinea population. 1st instar larva main coloration white with two black stripes around each segment. Segments mostly have six fleshy scoli, two dorsal scoli and each side one subdorsal and one subspiracular scolus. Scoli covered with waxy white powder, especially dorsally. Scoli colored as body, each with four or fife spines at apex. Head, spiracles and thoracic legs black, prolegs and anal prolegs yellow. 2nd instar larva main coloration white or gray with orange stripe lateral each abdominal segment. Lateral orange blotches on thoracic segments and abdominal segments 1 and 7 till 9. Head shiny brown, spiracles orange. Straight scoli and body covered with much whitish powder. 3rd instar larva does not much differ from the 2nd instar larva. Orange stripes and blotches observed being absent on some larva. 4th instar larva as in previous instar, but the waxy powder is reduced. Anal scoli shorter and orange pattern absent. Thoracic and 1st abdominal segment scoli much longer than the remaining abdominal scoli. Subspiracular scoli absent, except on meso- and metathorax. Head green, with two yellow bands on lobes. 5th instar larva prothoracic and all subspiracular scoli much reduced or absent. Larva main coloration greenish blue with yellow scoli and orange red spiracles. Waxy powder much reduced or even absent. Rondo triangular patch on the outside of each hindmost proleg black colored and yellow bordered. 6th instar main coloration laterally and ventrally dark greenblue, dorsally pale creme. Straight yellow scoli each approx 6 mm long still present on meso- and metathorax and 1st abdominal segment. Spiracles red and white bordered. Scoli on the remaining abdominal segments much reduced or even absent. There are no defensive glands present in C. hercules, but larva produces crackle noices when disturbed. No taconomic conclusions are drawn within this publication.