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Paukstadt, U. & Paukstadt, L. H. (1990): Die Präimaginalstadien von Brahmaea (Brahmophtalma) wallichii insulata Inoue 1984 aus taiwanesischen Populationen (Lepidoptera: Brahmaeidae). - Entomologische Zeitschrift (Essen), 100 (12): pp. 219-225; 8 figs.

Summary: For the first time the pre-imaginal instars of Brahmaea (Brahmophthalma) wallichii insulata Inoue, 1984 (Lepidoptera: Brahmaeidae) from Taiwan are described and figured. The fifth instar larva of B. wallichii insulata shows two small orange patches at the dorsal end of the third segment. Further comparisons of the larvae pattern and coloration of Brahmaeidae species from different regions of the Asian mainland, from the Philippines and from Sundaland as well are urgently necessary. No taxonomic changes are proposed within this paper.