The Saturniidae (Lepidoptera) of Cambodia.
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Introduction: The following check list was compiled from literature and specimens in the Collection L. H. Paukstadt (Wilhelmshaven, Germany). The check list mainly based on the contribution by Brosch, U., Naumann, S., Paukstadt, L. H., Paukstadt, U., Tcherniak, I. & Beeke, M. (1999): Anmerkungen zur Brahmaeiden- und Saturniidenfauna von Laos und Kambodscha (Lepidoptera: Bombycoidea). - galathea - Berichte des Kreises Nürnberger Entomologen e.V. (Nürnberg), Supplement 6: pp. 33-58, 2 col.-pls. with 8 figs., and was updated with other related contributions published at a later date. Specimens figured herein are preserved in the Collection Laela H. Paukstadt (Wilhelmshaven, Germany), if not otherwise stated. Digital pictures were taken by Ulrich Paukstadt (Wilhelmshaven, Germany), if not otherwise stated. The check list might be not free of any errors in determinations, spelling of names, authors, publication years, and/or incomplete. Any hints, proposals, and/or corrections are highly wellcome and may be send to the webmaster (e-mail: The check list is updated frequently. Presently 6 taxa of 6 genera of the family Saturniidae (Lepidoptera) are recorded for Cambodia. Those are:

C H E C K   L I S T

Superfamily Bombycoidea Latreille, 1802
Family Saturniidae Boisduval, 1837 ("1834")
Subfamily Saturniinae Boisduval, 1837 ("1834")

Tribe Attacini Blanchard, 1840

Genus Attacus Linnaeus, 1767

  1. Attacus atlas (Linnaeus, 1758)

Genus Samia Hübner, 1819 ("1816")
  2. Samia canningi Hutton, 1860

Tribe Saturniini Boisduval, 1837 ("1834")

Genus Saturnia Schrank, 1802
Subgenus Saturnia Schrank, 1802

  3. Saturnia (Saturnia) pyretorum Westwood, 1847 ("1848") (unclear status)

Genus Actias Leach in Leach & Nodder, 1815
  4. Actias selene (Hübner, "1806-1823")

Genus Solus Watson, 1913
  5. Solus parvifenestratus Bryk, 1944
      Solus parvifenestratus sinjaevi Nässig, 1994
(unclear status)

Genus Cricula Walker, 1855
  6. Cricula trifenestrata (Helfer, 1837) (unclear status)

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