The Brahmaeidae of the World.
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Introduction: The following check list was compiled from literature. Specimens figured herein are preserved in the Collection Laela H. Paukstadt (Wilhelmshaven, Germany), if not otherwise stated. Digital pictures were taken by Ulrich Paukstadt (Wilhelmshaven, Germany), if not otherwise stated. The check list might be not free of any errors in determinations, spelling of names, authors, publication years, and/or incomplete. Any hints, proposals, and/or corrections are highly wellcome and may be send to the webmaster (e-mail: The check list is updated frequently.

C H E C K   L I S T

Family: Brahmaeidae Swinhoe, 1892

Subfamily: Brahmaeinae Swinhoe, 1892

Genus: Brahmaea Walker, 1855

  1. Brahmaea ardjoeno Kalis, 1934
Distribution: Indonesia: Jawa.

  2. Brahmaea celebica Toxopeus, 1939 ("1938")
Distribution: Indonesia: Sulawesi, Banggai Archipelago.

  3. Brahmaea certhia (Fabricius, 1793)
Distribution: China; Korea.

  4. Brahmaea hearseyi White, 1862 ("1861")
Distribution: Thailand; Myanmar; Philippines; West Malaysia; Borneo; Indonesia: Kalimantan, Sumatera.

  5. Brahmaea japonica Butler, 1873
Distribution: Japan.

  6. Brahmaea ledereri ledereri Rogenhofer, 1873
Distribution: Cilicien Taurus; Syria.

  7. Brahmaea ledereri christophi Staudinger, 1879
Distribution: Azerbeidjan.

  8. Brahmaea tancrei Austaut, 1896
Distribution: Korea; Russia: South Primorye.

  9. Brahmaea wallichii wallichii Gray, 1831
Distribution: India; Nepal; China; Laos; Thailand.

10. Brahmaea wallichii insulata Inoue, 1984
Distribution: Taiwan.

Genus: Acanthobrahmaea Sauter, 1967

11. Acanthobrahmaea europaea Hartig, 1963
Distribution: Italy.

Subfamily: Dactyloceratinae Sauter, 1987 ("1986")

Genus: Dactyloceras Mell [i.l.[Hering,] in Seitz, 1927]

12. Dactyloceras bramarbas Karsch, 1895
Distribution: Africa.

13. Dactyloceras lucina Drury, 1782
Distribution: Africa.

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