The Saturniidae (Lepidoptera) of the island of Borneo.
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Introduction: The following check list was compiled from literature and specimens in the Collection L. H. Paukstadt (Wilhelmshaven, Germany). The check list mainly based on the contribution by Holloway, J. D. (1987): The Moths of Borneo, Part 3: 199 pp., 20 col.-pls., 18 b/w-pls., Southdene Sdn. Bhd. (Kuala Lumpur), and was updated with other related contributions published at a later date. Specimens figured herein are preserved in the Collection Laela H. Paukstadt (Wilhelmshaven, Germany), if not otherwise stated. Digital pictures were taken by Ulrich Paukstadt (Wilhelmshaven, Germany), if not otherwise stated. The check list might be not free of any errors in determinations, spelling of names, authors, publication years, and/or incomplete. Any hints, proposals, and/or corrections are highly wellcome and may be send to the webmaster (e-mail: The check list is updated frequently. Presently 25 taxa of 8 genera of the family Saturniidae (Lepidoptera) are recorded for Borneo. Those are:

C H E C K   L I S T

Superfamily: Bombycoidea Latreille, 1802
Family: Saturniidae Boisduval, 1837 ("1834")
Subfamily: Saturniinae Boisduval, 1837 ("1834")

Tribe: Attacini Blanchard, 1840
Genus: Attacus Linnaeus, 1767

  1. Attacus atlas (Linnaeus, 1758)
Distribution: Brunei, Sabah, Sarawak; South Kalimantan Province, Central Kalimantan Prov., West Kalimantan Prov., North Kalimantan Prov.

Genus: Archaeoattacus Watson, 1914
  2. Archaeoattacus staudingeri (W. Rothschild, 1895)
Distribution: Brunei, Sabah.
  3. Archaeoattacus edwardsii (White, 1859)
      Archaeoattacus edwardsii malayanus (Kurosawa & Kishida, 1985 ("1984") [junior synonym of edwardsii (White, 1859)].
Distribution: Sarawak.

Genus Samia Hübner, 1819 ("1816")
  4. Samia insularis Snellen van Vollenhoven, 1862
Distribution: generally Borneo.
  5. Samia tetrica (Rebel, 1924)
Distribution: Brunei, Sarawak; West Kalimantan Province.

Tribe: Saturniini Boisduval, 1837 ("1834")
Genus Actias Leach in Leach & Nodder, 1815

  6. Actias maenas Doubleday, 1847
      Actias maenas diana Maassen in Maassen [& Weymer], 1872

Distribution: Brunei, Sabah.
  7. Actias selene (Hübner, "1806-1823")
      Actias selene vandenberghi Roepke, 1956
Distribution: Brunei, Sabah.

Genus Antheraea Hübner, 1819 ("1816")
Subgenus Antheraea Hübner, 1819 ("1816")

mylitta/frithi-group (sensu U. Paukstadt et al., 1999)
frithi-subgroup (sensu Nässig, 1991)

  8. Antheraea (A.) larissa (Westwood, 1847)
      Antheraea (A.) larissa ridlyi Moore, 1892

Distribution: Brunei.
  9. Antheraea (A.) platessa W. Rothschild, 1903
      Antheraea (A.) platessa platessa W. Rothschild, 1903

Distribution: Brunei, Sarawak; East Kalimantan Province.
10. Antheraea (A.) moultoni Watson, 1927
Distribution: Brunei, Sarawak.
11. Antheraea (A.) brunei Allen & Holloway, 1986 ("1985")
Distribution: Brunei.
12. Antheraea (A.) alleni Holloway, 1987
Distribution: Brunei, Sarawak.
13. Antheraea (A.) zwicki Nässig & Treadaway, 1998
Distribution: Brunei.
14. Antheraea (A.) broschi Naumann, 2001
Distribution: Sabah, Brunei.
rosieri-group (sensu Nässig, 1991)
15. Antheraea (A.) rosieri (Toxopeus, 1940)

Distribution: Brunei.
helferi-group (sensu Nässig, 1991)
16. Antheraea (A.) helferi Moore, 1859
      Antheraea (A.) helferi borneensis Moore, 1892

Distribution: Brunei, Sarawak.
17. Antheraea (A.) diehli Lemaire, 1979
Distribution: Brunei.
pernyi-group (sensu Nässig, 1991)
18. Antheraea (A.) lampei Nässig & Holloway, 1989

Distribution: Brunei.
Subgenus Antheraeopsis Wood-Mason, 1886
19. Antheraea (Ao.) youngi Watson, 1915
Distribution: Brunei, Sarawak; East Kalimantan Province.

Genus Loepa Moore, 1859
20. Loepa megacore Jordan, 1911
Distribution: Brunei, Sabah; West Kalimantan Province.
21. Loepa sikkima Moore, 1866 ("1865")
      Loepa sikkima javanica Mell, 1938

Distribution: Brunei.

Genus Lemaireia Nässig & Holloway in Holloway, 1987
22. Lemaireia loepoides (Butler, 1880)
Distribution: Brunei, Sabah, Sarawak.

Genus Cricula Walker, 1855
23. Cricula trifenestrata (Helfer, 1837)
      Cricula trifenestrata javana Watson, 1913

Distribution: Brunei
24. Cricula elaezia Jordan, 1909
Distribution: Brunei, Sarawak.
25. Cricula bornea Watson, 1913
Distribution: Sarawak, Sabah.

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