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Saturniidae of Indonesia (genera)
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The Research Collection of Ulrich and Laela H. Paukstadt
A virtual tour through the collection (genera in alphabetic order)

Type Material in Coll. U. & L. H. Paukstadt

Saturniidae BOISDUVAL, [1837] 1834
Actias LEACH in Leach & Nodder, 1815 (incl. Graellsia GROTE, 1896)
Aglia OCHSENHEIMER, 1810, 1802
Antheraea (Antheraea) HÜBNER, 1819 (1816) mylitta-subgroup of the mylitta/frithi-group
Antheraea (Antheraea) HÜBNER, 1819 (1816) frithi-subgroup of the mylitta/frithi-group
Antheraea (Antheraea) HÜBNER, 1819 (1816) frithi-subgroup of the mylitta/frithi-group / larissa-complex
Antheraea (Antheraea) HÜBNER, 1819 (1816) cordifolia-subgroup of the mylitta/frithi-group
Antheraea (Antheraea) HÜBNER, 1819 (1816) helferi-group
Antheraea (Antheraea) HÜBNER, 1819 (1816) pernyi-group
Antheraea (Antheraeopsis WOOD-MASON, 1886)
Antheraea (Loepantheraea TOXOPEUS, 1940)
Antheraea (Telea) HÜBNER, 1819 (1816)
Archaeoattacus WATSON in Packard, 1914
Attacus LINNAEUS, 1767
Austrocaligula COCKERELL in Packard, 1914
Coscinocera BUTLER, 1879
Cricula WALKER, 1855
Lemaireia NÄSSIG & HOLLOWAY, 1987
Loepa MOORE, 1859
Neodiphthera FLETCHER in Fletcher & Nye, 1982
Opodiphthera Wallengren, 1858
Saturnia VON PAULA SCHRANK, 1802
Rhodinia STAUDINGER, 1892, 1802
Rothschildia GROTE, 1896
Samia HÜBNER, 1819 (1816)
Solus WATSON, 1913
Syntherata MAASSEN, 1873

Brahmaeidae SWINHOE, 1892
Brahmaea WALKER, 1855

Papilionidae LATREILLE, 1809
Papilionidae LATREILLE, 1809

various genera
various genera Central Europe

Saturniidae BOISDUVAL, [1837] 1834 / Brahmaeidae SWINHOE, 1892
cocoons & pupae

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